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LCS Wi-Fi Monitor LE

The Lionel LCS Wi-Fi Monitor LE program gives you a detailed, technical look into your Layout Control System (LCS) installation. This is a Windows-only program, offered free of charge by Lionel. We do not provide customer support for this program, use it at your own risk.

You can use LCS Wi-Fi Monitor LE to confirm that all your LCS modules and SensorTracks are connected and operational. You can also use it to configure your LCS WiFi MODULE or Base3 to Join To Network if you are unable to accomplish that task using the WPS button. You may also use the monitor program to see real-time status of modules and their configuration settings.


  • An LCS WiFi Module with DB9 LCS Cable and power supply or Base3
  • In most cases, a Lionel Base2 or a Base3
  • A computer with WiFi capability, running Windows XP or Windows 7. This utility may not be compatible with other versions of Windows.


To further your understanding of LCS WiFi Monitor LE, sign up for the LCS Partner Program. Doing so will give you access to the full LCS specification and help you better understand everything the WiFi Monitor program displays.