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4-Digit Address Locomotives

Since TMCC was first introduced in the mid 90s, Lionel command control locomotives have been limited to 2-Digit addresses; #1 through 99. It was never dreamt of that anyone would ever want or need more addresses than that. But the fans of Lionel trains have proven that false!

First introduced with the 2022 Vision Line Class A, Lionel brings you 4-Digit Addressing capabilities exclusive to the Base3 and Cab3 APP. Since it is not possible to add this capability to existing TMCC/Legacy radios, an all-new radio protocol was developed. This is why 4-Digit is limited to special release locomotives, with the goal of rolling this feature into all Legacy engines in the future.

This new radio adds a new level of control and interactive experience with Legacy locomotives:

  • 4-Digit allows a numeric number to be assigned anywhere from 100 to 9999. Numbers 1 through 99 will continue to use the existing Legacy radio.
  • Two-way communications between the Base3 and the 4-Digit locomotive allow for features not seen before:
    • Engine identification. When an engine is programmed, it will send its road name, number, and control type to the Base3 which will update the Cab3 APP. No longer will you need to program this information manually or run the engine over a SensorTrack.
    • Real-time fuel metrics. Fuel and water will be consumed in real-time without the need for the SensorTrack to update the Cab3 remote.
    • Automatically import the engine’s image into the Cab3 APP (internet connection required).