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Introducing the Base3 and Cab3 APP #

Necessity is the mother of invention. The ever-growing list of trains offered by Lionel has allowed for user flexibility from the most basic of operating controls in the LionChief category to the legendary advanced features of a Legacy locomotive. This broad range of engine control types has left a ravine when it comes to having a single hand-held controller to operate a model railroad. That is until now.

Symbolically modeled after the Hell Gate Bridge in New York City, the new Lionel Base3 bridges the gap between all Lionel control system types. Legacy, TMCC, and LionChief+2.0 engines are now joined by LionChief, LionChief+, and FlyerChief engines (both Bluetooth and RF varieties) in being controlled from a single controller. The Base3 is compatible with the Legacy Cab2 or Cab-1L hardware remotes, or the all-new Cab3 APP for Android or Apple smart devices.

The Base3 and Cab3 APP features many new innovations that allow you to fully connect with your world of Lionel model trains.

Introducing Lionel’s Cab3 & Base3 System

Base3 Features #

This revolutionary command base brings control of all Lionel engine command types to a single controller of your choosing.

  • Your choice of controller:
    • Built-in Wi-Fi for full Base3 functionality with the Cab3 APP
    • Compatible with the Cab2 or Cab-1L remotes
  • Control 4-digit addressing-compatible locomotives using the Base3 and the Cab3 APP!
  • Control Lionel Legacy, TMCC, and LionChief+2.0 engines through the Base3’s Legacy radio
  • Control Lionel Bluetooth LionChief+, LionChief, Lionel HO, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3’s Bluetooth radio
  • Control Lionel RF LionChief+, LionChief, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3’s RF radio
  • Layout Control System: 3 PDI ports for expanded LCS use. Built-in circuit monitoring to protect the Base3 from PDI short circuits
  • Memory module support
    • Included writable module to easily transfer your engine roster from your Base2 to your new Base3
    • Reads older Legacy engine orange modules
  • Wi-Fi Base3 firmware updates using the Cab3 APP
  • Dimensions: 10.3” wide X 5.4” deep X 2.6” tall
Lionel’s Base3

Contents Include #

When you first receive your Base3, package contents will include:

  • Base3 with built-in power cable
  • External antenna for Cab2 or Cab-1L control
  • Writable memory module
  • USB cable
Updated on December 30, 2023