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Cab2 Firmware Update using Cab3

For desired operation with the Base3, it is recommended that any connected Cab2 hardware remote have its firmware updated to 1.72. This update includes firmware changes specifically tailored for use with the Base3.

The Cab3 APP can be used to create an update module for the Cab2 remote’s firmware.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Power up the Base3 and connect the Cab3 APP.
  2. Install a black writable memory module into the Base3.
  3. Open the Cab3 APP, swipe down to view the Base Details menu, and then tap on “CAB2 V1.72 MEMORY MODULE” to enter that menu.
  4. Tap “CAB2 V1.72 MODULE WRITE” to write the new firmware to the memory module. Do not power off the Base3, unplug the memory module, or disconnect the Cab3 APP during this time.
  5. Once the write has completed, you can remove the memory module from the Base3 and use it to upgrade the firmware in your Cab2 remote. Follow the update procedure in the Cab2’s user manual.