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LCS Products

Whatever your needs are for layout control features, there are LCS product to fit the bill. Since the LCS system is modular, you can start with one module and expand as much as you need to build your railroad empire. From controlling a few track switches to dozens, one accessory or many, or connecting older TMCC technology to the latest Lionel control systems, we have what you need.

Each LCS module may have limitations on what it can support. For example, each ASC2 can control up to 4 switch machines. If your layout has a total of 6 switches you want to control, you would need 2 ASC2 modules.

The following table outlines what each LCS product is and how it can help you achieve your layout control dreams.

LCS Product SKU Description Connections per single LCS Module

6-81294 (FasTrack) or

6-82869 (Tubular track compatible)

Automatically update Legacy engine information to Cab controller

Trigger preset Action Commands or user recordings

Each SensorTrack section has two IR sensors to determine the train's direction of travel

Command the Layout Control System using the LCS APP on an Apple iPad
Connects to one LCS setup at a time
Control switches, uncoupling or activation tracks, or accessories and lights

Switch mode: operate up to 4 switch machines

Accessory mode: operate up to 8 lights, uncoupling tracks, or basic on/off accessories

Control accessory motors and/or incandescent bulbs

Operate up to 2 motors (direction and speed)

Operate up to 4 incandescent lightbulbs; on/off and illumination intensity (LEDs not supported)

Monitor the thrown position of switches in the LCS APP

Monitor the thrown position of up to 16 track switches

Switch machine control for Z-Stuff DZ-2500 switch machines

Provides serial data for any number of DZ-2500 switch machines

Provides switch thrown position for up to 7 DZ-2500 switch machines

Up to 4 separate track block power controls

CSM2 Breakout Board
Use with CSM2; easier wiring for DZ-2500

Each breakout board supports wiring for one DZ-2500 switch machine

Control individual power blocks

Up to 8 separately controlled power blocks (AC power); each rated for 20amps max

Serial connection for older devices (ASC, TPC, BPC, etc) or other control systems (PC, MTH DCS)

One DB9 port and one 3 position screw terminal

PDI Cables

6-81500 (1ft)

6-81501 (3ft)

6-81502 (10ft)

6-81503 (20ft)

PDI cables to connect LCS modules to each other or to the Base3
One cable per LCS module is required