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LCS AMC2 Accessory Motor Controller (6-81641)

The AMC2 module gives you control over your accessories like never before, adding control of two motors and up to four incandescent lighting circuits as part of your LCS system.

When used in conjunction with lights, the AMC2 allows you to control bulb brightness from the CAB Remote Controller. When used in conjunction with your accessories’ motors, the AMC2 gives you control over operation.

  • Gives you precise motor and/or light control.
  • Allows for operation of accessory speed, direction, or function from the CAB
    remote controller or LCS app.
  • Operate up to two motors (AC or DC) and up to four incandescent lights.
  • Various motor options allow for continuous motion, or proportional control, where
    the motor turns only while you continuously rotate the throttle.
  • Each light output can be dimmed independently.


In all operating modes, the ASC2 is connected to the LCS system using an LCS PDI cable. This carries commands as well as power for the ASC2’s control electronics. An additional AC power source is required for relay operation. This external AC can come from your track power or an accessory transformer (sold separately).


Note! The LCS AMC2 can only control incandescent light bulbs. It is not recommended to use LED lighting.