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LCS BPC2 Block Power Controller (6-81640)

The LCS Block Power Controller (BPC2) lets you control track power blocks from your Layout Control System.

 The BPC2 switches up to 8 AC track power blocks. It is configured as 8 normally open relays, split into two banks of four. Each of these two banks has a common terminal feed. This allows for two power districts and 8 blocks. Each individual relay is rated for 20 amps.


 The BPC2 may be configured as either a TRack or ACCessory device with IDs from 1 to 91. You set the starting address of the first relay and the remaining relays are automatically assigned the next seven ID’s (up to ID 99 for the last relay).


 To operate, first address the device (TR or ACC plus ID#). Then, send an AUX1 command to latch that relay on and an AUX2 to switch it off.


 The BPC2 can be operated from CAB remotes or Wi-Fi APPs. The BPC2 is connected to the LCS system using an LCS PDI cable. This carries commands as well as power for the BPC2’s control electronics. An additional AC power source is required for relay operation. This external AC can come from your track power or an accessory transformer (sold separately).