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LCS - What do I need?

LCS is a modular system. The parts you need are determined by what you hold in your hand to run LCS (Lionel CAB remotes and/or WiFi devices) and the actions you want to create on your layout. There’s one LCS component that must be included: PDI Cables. You just need one per LCS module. It connects the first LCS module to your Base3, and subsequent LCS modules to one another.


Use the table below to help choose the additional LCS products that make sense for your layout. Pick an action from the first column. Then read to the right to see which LCS module that does that job.

Action LCS Product
On/Off control of 1-8 Lights, uncoupling tracks, or basic accessories
ASC2 running in Accessory Mode
Thru/Out control over 4 remote switches. Lionel, Ross and other switch manufacturers supported
ASC2 running in Switch Mode
Control up to 8 track power blocks
Operate wired TMCC accessories such as 24114 Gantry crane
Control TPC-300, TPC-400 and other older Lionel serial devices
Update Cab-2 remotes with info from passing locomotives
SensorTrack, LEGACY base, Cab-2 remote
Triggers preset or custom actions on passing locomotives
See real-time location of compatible engines on your layout
SensorTrack,LCS WiFi, LCS App
Get real-time updates on LCS App when track switches change position for ANY reason