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CW80 80-Watt Transformer (1908080)

The perfect AC power supply for new layouts! This power supply can provide up to 80 Watts of power, good enough to operate two locomotives as well as accessories. The CW80 transformer is a good upgrade from a starter-set DC wall plug, or a good standalone accessory bus power supply for larger layouts.

With the CW80, you get:

  • 80 Watt AC power supply
  • Throttle lever to control speed and power. Operate your favorite features with the bell, whistle/horn, and direction buttons.
  • 0-18 volt variable programmable AC output for accessory operation

Compatible power supply for:

  • LionChief
  • LionChief Plus
  • LionChief Plus 2.0
  • Legacy
  • Traditional transformer locomotives
  • Plug-Expand-Play Accessories
  • Traditional Accessories
  • Built-in circuit protect for derailments and shorts