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DC Power Wall Adapters

Lionel Ready-to-Run sets include DC power wall plugs to provide power to the LionChief engines and rolling stock. These included transformers are typically enough to power to run the set. If you desire to operate more than one engine at a time, it is recommended to upgrade your power supply.

If you only plan to use LionChief control (included LionChief remotes, Universal Remote, or a Lionel Bluetooth APP), then DC power is sufficient for all LionChief, LionChief Plus, LionChief Plus 2.0, and FlyerChief engines. The DC upgrade of choice is Lionel’s LionChief 72-Watt Power Supply (6-81603). This power supply provides 4 amps at 18VDC, which is sufficient for operating up to 4 engines at one time, depending on if smoke is on or off.


Note: FasTrack sold seperately

LionChief Terminal FasTrack Section (6-37110)

The easiest way to connect a DC Wall Supply to your Lionel FasTrack layout is with the FasTrack Terminal Section. This section of track is included with every Ready-to-Run LionChief start set. It is also separately available to expand your DC powered layout, or if you have not purchased a starter set.

To get running, simply connected the track section to other sections of FasTrack, plug in the DC Wall Plug’s barrel jack into the FasTrack section, and plug the DC Wall Plug into a wall receptacle. The red LED light on the FasTrack section will illuminate to let you know the track power is on.