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PH180 & GW180 AC Transformers

The GW180 (6-37947) and PowerHouse 180 (6-85226) AC transformers are excellent power options for your railroad! These midsize transformers provide 180 Watts of power which is can provide the power needs of most moderate size layouts. 

PowerHouse 180 (6-85226)

The PH180 is designed for use with the TMCC PowerMaster, Legacy PowerMasters, Track Power Controllers, or the Direct Lockon. The transformer features an ON/OFF switch, and a circuit breaker to protect your trains from short circuits caused by derailments.

TMCC Direct Lockon (6-34120)

To connect a PowerHouse 180 directly to the track, a Direct Lockon is used. This product is designed for Command Control operation. Conventional engines cannot be used on a layout powered by a PH180 and Direct Lockon.

The Direct Lockon features circuit protection when short circuits inevitably happen, typically caused by train derailments. The interruption to power is instantaneous, protecting the sensitive electronics in command control locomotives. Once you clear the short circuit from the track, the Lockon will automatically restore power. 

The Direct Lockon is compatible with both Lionel FasTrack and O-Gauge/0-27 track systems.

GW180 (6-37947)

The GW180 features the power of the PH180 with expanded control for variable power output and separate accessory power. For conventional locomotive operation, use the throttle lever to control speed and power. Operate conventional features such as the whistle/horn, bell, and direction using dedicated buttons.

There are two power outputs on the rear of the transformer’s head unit. The first is the variable 0-18VAC that serves as the main track power. The second is a programmable AC output perfect for operating accessories. Using the throttle handle, set the accessory voltage to your desired level. Once set, that voltage setting will remain constant. See the user manual for more information.