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LCS IRV2 (Infrared track Version 2, 6-85296) adds the functionality of the LCS SensorTrack to a layout that uses track systems other than FasTrack.

It reads data beamed out of Lionel Legacy and VisionLine locomotives. When a compatible locomotive crosses a Sensor Sled, engine details like TMCC ID, road name, number, engine type, lighting options, fuel levels, and direction of travel are retrieved by the track and transmitted through your LCS installation.

LCS IRV2 module
LCS IRV2 module

The IRV2 includes the IRV2 module, two Sensor Sleds with covers, and two cables (1m length) to connect the Sensor Sleds to the IRV2. Since the IRV2 can operate up to 4 Sensor Sleds at once, we offer a Sensor Sled add-on (sku 6-85383) to expand your modules reach.

IRV2 Sensor Sled
IRV2 Sensor Sled

IRV2 Features #

  • Triggers locomotive actions from a list of preset Action Commands or custom user recordings
  • Automatically updates engine info in all Cab2 Remotes and Cab3 APPs
  • Displays locomotive fuel & water levels
  • Displays real time engine locations on the LCS APP

Preset & Custom Action Commands #

Use any of the eight pre-programmed actions or create your own automated routines that your compatible locomotives will follow each time they pass a IRV2 Sensor Sled. Pre-programmed actions include whistle and horn blows, engineer dialog, CrewTalk, and bell ringing. The IRV2 even knows which direction your locomotive is going and performs dialog actions such as arrival and departure announcements accordingly.

Record your own series of up to 200 commands from any Legacy CAB Controller. These commands will then be played back automatically when any compatible loco passes over the sensor. Alternately, you can make recordings that play back just on one special locomotive.

Preset Action commands and custom user recordings are stored locally in the memory of each IRV2 on your layout.

Instant Updates #

When your LCS installation includes a command base, the IRV2 automatically programs the LEGACY CAB-2 remote or Cab3 APP with vital engine information. This instant “roll-over update” includes road names and road numbers, current fuel level, lighting options and more. This feature is especially useful when your layout hosts visiting locomotives. It effectively replaces Legacy orange locomotive memory modules.

Current Fuel Levels #

Each time a Legacy locomotive passes over a IRV2 Sensor, it transmits its current fuel levels. To view this information on your CAB-2, simply tap the Speed button. In the Cab3 APP, swipe left from the locomotive homescreen. The current fuel level will appear as a gauge in the lower-left corner of the touchpad display (see photo below). On a steam locomotive, water level is also displayed.

Updated on November 6, 2023