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LCS CSM2 Custom Switch Machine

The CSM2 Custom Switch Machine controller (6-85295) was created for use with the Z-Stuff DZ-2500 switch machine. This switch machine is widely used in the 3-rail O Gauge market on many different track systems. The CSM2 allows you to to control the switch machine from a Cab-1, Cab-1L, or Cab2 remote. The CSM2 also allows for control of the switch machine through the LCS APP and provides the throw position for up to 7 machines!

  • Provides serial line for DZ-2500 TMCC operation.
  • Non-derail operation compatibility.
  • Monitor up to 7 DZ-2500 throw positions on LCS APP.
  • Additionally, module has 4 block power control positions (see BPC2 for functionality).
  • Can be operated from Lionel CAB remotes and/or the LCS App+LCS Wi-Fi

While not required, the optional CSM2 DZ-2500 Breakout Board (1908010) simplifies wiring between your CSM2 and switch machines.

  • Created for use with the Z-Stuff DZ-2500 Switch Machine.
  • Allows for easier and faster wiring of your DZ-2500 switch machines!
  • Daisy-chain serial data between DZ-2500s. No need for DZ-2001 Data Wire Driver. Easier troubleshooting of failed switch machines.
  • Circuitry protects the DZ-2500 from power surges caused by derailments.
  • One breakout board needed for each DZ-2500 switch machine.
  • Dedicated connector for non-derail wires.

One 6-81499 LCS DB-9 Cable with Power Supply (not included) is required per LCS installation.

DZ-2500 Breakout Board
DZ-2500 Breakout Board
Lionel CSM2

Updated on November 3, 2023