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ACC Selection

ACC is for accessories. Use this for command-equipped accessories like a Gantry Crane, Culvert Loader or Unloader, or the Smoke Fluid Loader. ACC is also used to control some of the LCS equipment like the ASC2.

Programming an Accessory #

With your Cab3 APP connected to your Base3, do the following to program an accessory:

  1. With power on, flip the command-equipped accessory’s RUN/PGM switch to PGM.
  2. Tap ACC at the bottom left of the screen. This brings up the ACC control screen.
  3. Tap ACC a second time to select the ACC TMCC ID you want to use. The example in the screenshots is ID #22.
  4. Tap “SET”. The accessory will take the programming. Depending on the accessory, a sound may play or a light may flicker to indicate programming taken.
    Cab3 ACC22 Control before naming
  5. Flip the accessory’s RUN/PGM switch back to RUN. Your accessory is now ready to control.
  6. If desired, swipe up on the screen to enter a name and number for the accessory. This information will be saved into the Base3’s database.
    Cab3 ACC22 assign name and number
    Follow the accessory’s user manual to learn how to control it.
    Cab3 ACC22 Control after naming

ACC with LCS #

If your layout features LCS components, ACC comes in handy to address them for various functions. The following LCS modules are all compatible with ACC:

LCS ModuleACC Function
SensorTrackProgramming prerecorded actions used with Legacy engine track IR
ASC2Addressing accessory functions like turning on and off lights
AMC2Addressing motorized accessories like cranes
CSM2Addressing block power circuit similar to the BPC2
BPC2Addressing block power
LCS modules compatible with ACC

See each LCS module’s respective page and manual for more information on wiring and configuring for use with ACC.

ACC Roster #

Accessory addresses can be saved into the Base3’s database if you assign a name and a number. The screenshot below shows examples of saved accessories using both LCS modules and stand-alone command control accessories.

When on the main ACC screen, tap on “ACC: XX” to enter the ACC roster.

To select an ACC to control, simply tap on the one desired. You can also tap and hold on an ACC to quickly go to its configuration page to assign a name and number.

Cab3 ACC Roster
Cab3 ACC Roster
Updated on November 3, 2023