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Base3 Details and Firmware Updater

The Cab3 APP features a menu to configure the Base3’s settings and to update the Base3’s firmware. From the homescreen, swipe down to enter the Base Details menu.

Note: The Cab3 APP must be connected to the Base3 to use this menu with the exception of the Wi-Fi configuration settings.

Base Details menu

The Base Details menu will display the following information:

Cab3 Base Details Menu
  • Wi-Fi Connection Settings: Tap this to enter the Wi-Fi settings menu.
  • Base Name: Displays the command base’s assigned name. Tap on it to enter a unique name to your command base.
  • Base Type: Displays the type of command base that the Cab3 APP is connected to.
  • Base Firmware Rev: Displays the command base’s firmware revision.
  • Base Firmware Updater: Tap this to enter the Base3 firmware updater menu.
  • Route Switch Throw Rate: This setting determines the time between the operation of each individual switch that makes up a route. You can set it to values between 0 (no delay) to a 2 second delay between each switch command.
    • Warning: If you are using a Lionel SC2 switch controller, use a minimum value of 1.0. This warning does not apply to the LCS ASC2 switch/accessory controller.
  • TMCC Radio Channel: View and set the command base’s TMCC channel used by the Cab-1L and Cab2 remotes. 
  • Database Memory Module: Tap to open the memory module menu. Create or import your engine roster using a memory module plugged into the command base.
  • Cab2 Memory Module: Tap to open the Cab2 firmware menu where, using a black writable memory module plugged into your command base, you can down the latest Cab2 firmware to update your Cab2 remote.

Base3 Firmware Updater

The Cab3 APP allows you to update the firmware in your Base3 when Lionel releases a new version. Periodic versions will be released to include things like new features and bug fixes.

Cab3 Base3 Firmware Updater Menu

The first step in updating the firmware in your Base3 is to check if a newer version of the firmware is available:

  1. Power up your Base3 and connect the smart-device to it using Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Cab3 APP.
  3. Open the Command Base tab of the APP, and swipe down to enter the Base Details menu.
  4. Tap “Base Firmware Updater”.
  5. Here you will see your Base3’s current firmware version along with the latest firmware version available from Lionel. If these numbers do not match, it’s time to update your Base3.
  6. Tap “Download latest firmware to Cab3” to have the APP retrieve the firmware from Lionel’s online database. Note that an internet connection is required for this step.

Once the Cab3 APP has the latest firmware saved, you’re ready to update your Base3:

  1. With the Base3 powered off, hold down the settings button (looks like a gear) on the front of the Base3 and flip on the Base3’s power switch.
  2. The orange, blue, and red LED pipes on the front of the Base3 will slowly flash together to indicated that the Base3 is in update mode.
  3. Connect your smart-device to the Base3’s Wi-Fi and open the Cab3 APP. The Base3 can only be updated in Access Point mode. If in Network mode, move the switch to Access Point.
  4. Swipe down to the Base Details menu and tap “Base Firmware Updater”.
  5. Tap “Update Base3 Firmware” – the update will take up to one minute. Do not power off the Base3 or close the Cab3 APP while the update is running.
  6. After the update is complete, tap “Restart Base3” or power off the Base3 and then on again to place it into its normal operating mode. The Base3 firmware update has completed.
Updated on August 29, 2023