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Sound Settings Menu

Locomotives operated with the Bluetooth tab of the Cab3 APP can have their sound settings changed by swiping left from the homescreen. This menu features selections for the horn/whistle and bell as well as various volume level controls. To return to the homescreen, tap the home button.

Horn/Whistle Selection

Use this setting to change the horn/whistle in your locomotive. The choices are as follows for modern Lionel Bluetooth-equipped locomotives:

  • LionChief, LionChief+, FlyerChief, LionChief+2.0 locomotives: The default horn/whistle is #3. #1 & #2 will pitch that horn/whistle down, and #4 & #5 will pitch it up.
  • Legacy locomotives (produced from the Lionel 2020 Big Book and beyond): #3 is the default horn/whistle. The other 4 are alternate horns/whistles. These are chosen by the Lionel Project Manager and can be completely different horns/whistles altogether or a pitch variation of the default horn/whistle.

Bell Selection

Similar to the horn/whistle selector, this changes which bell is used. The default bell is #3; #1 & #2 are pitched down versions of the default bell; #4 & #5 are pitched up. This applies to all Bluetooth-equipped LionChief, LionChief+, FlyerChief, and LionChief+2.0 locomotives as well as Legacy locomotives produced from the Lionel 2020 Big Book and beyond.

Note! Lionel Legacy locomotives produced prior to the Lionel 2020 Big Book catalog do not have selectable horn/whistle and bell options.

Volume Controls

The various volume sliders in this menu allow you to customize your engine like never before. Press and hold on the slider and move it left to reduce the volume level and right to increase it.

  • Master Volume: This changes the volume level of every sound effect in the locomotive. Lowering the master volume level will override the other 4 individual volume level sliders.
  • Horn/Whistle Volume: Change the volume level of only the horn or whistle.
  • Bell Volume: Change the volume level of only the bell.
  • Dialog Volume: Change the volume level of any spoken dialog such as CrewTalk or TowerCom.
  • Background Sounds Volume: The background sounds are what an engine plays automatically whether at idle or moving. This includes a diesel’s motor, a steam locomotive’s random hissing sounds, air “spitters”, wheel flange scrapes, and more. 

Note! Legacy locomotives produced prior to the Lionel 2020 Big Book catalog do not have individual volume control for horn/whistle, bell, and dialog.

Cab3 Bluetooth Volume Settings Menu
Updated on August 29, 2023