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Wi-Fi Configuration using Cab3

With the Base3’s built-in Wi-Fi, you can operate your model railroad using devices such as smartphones and tablets with the Cab3 App for Android and iOS devices. The Base3 can create its own independent Wi-Fi network or join an existing one. Up to 10 Wi-Fi devices can be connected at once.

This page is specific for connecting your Base3’s Wi-Fi using the Cab3 APP. For all other Wi-Fi related information with the Base3, click here.

Configuring your Wi-Fi Connection #

Base3 Wi-Fi Guide

The illustration above shows the switch and push-button on the Base3 that assists in configuring the Wi-Fi connection.

  • A – ACCESS POINT or Join To NETWORK switch
  • B – WPS ENABLE push-button
  • C – Orange Wi-Fi Connection status indicator
  • D – Green Wi-Fi Activity indicator

Note: When using “Join to Network” mode, you may experience control lags due to latency in the network when the network is experiencing heavy traffic.

Access Point Mode #

When you do not have a Wi-Fi network, or you do not wish to connect your Base3 to your Wi-Fi network, use “ACCESS POINT”. This mode creates an entirely new network with a SSID of “Lionel Base3 – NNNN”. The “NNNN” represents the last 4 digits of the Base3’s Wi-Fi radio MAC address. This is unique to each Base3.

To select “ACCESS POINT” mode:

  1. Slide the “ACCESS POINT / JOIN to NETWORK” switch to “ACCESS POINT”.
  2. Connect your smart device to your Base3’s Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch the Cab3 APP to control your layout.
Smart-device connecting to Base3 Wi-Fi


The Base3 can be added to your home’s Wi-Fi network using most wireless routers.

If your wireless router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), you can easily connect the Base3 to the home network so you can control your trains and have internet access at the same time.

  1. Slide the “ACCESS POINT/JOIN To NETWORK” switch to “JOIN To NETWORK” and power the Base3 on.
  2. Press and hold the “WPS” button on the Base3 for two seconds and then press the “WPS” button on your wireless router. The devices will automatically negotiate a secure connection.
  3. Connect your smart-device to your wireless router network.
  4. Open the Cab3 APP and connect to the Base3.

Remember, if your home network is busy, you may experience latency (slower response to commands) when using the Base3 with a wireless router. Also, when connecting the Cab3 APP to the Base3 through a wireless router for the first time, the connection may take a couple of minutes while the Cab3 APP searches for the Base3’s new IP address. Once found, it’ll be saved for future run sessions.

Smart-device Wi-Fi menu

JOIN to NETWORK Mode (no WPS) #

If your wireless router does not support WPS, you can still connect your Base3 to the network using the network’s SSID and password.

  1. Slide the “ACCESS POINT/JOIN To NETWORK” switch to “ACCESS POINT” and power the Base3 on.
  2. Connect your smart-device to the Base3’s Wi-Fi network.
  3. Once connected, open the Cab3 APP and swipe down to navigate to the “Base Details” page. Tap on “Wi-Fi Connection Settings.”
  4. Tap “Get” and then enter your network’s SSID and password. Click “Set”
  5. On the Base3, flip the “ACCESS POINT/JOIN To NETWORK” switch to “JOIN To NETWORK.”
  6. Connect your smart-device to your Wi-Fi network.
  7. Your Base3’s IP address will have changed once on the network. When you open the Cab3 APP, the APP will search on your Wi-Fi network for any available Base3 units. This may take a couple of minutes as it cycles through IP addresses. Once connected, the IP address will be stored for future run sessions.

Note: If the Cab3 APP does not automatically find and connect to the Base3, swipe up, and enter the “Wi-Fi Connection Settings” page again. Under “Base IP Address”, tap “Manually Enter” and enter in the Base3’s assign IP Address. This can be found by logging into your router and looking at the DHCP Client List.

More information #

This page is specific for connecting your Base3’s Wi-Fi using the Cab3 APP. For other Wi-Fi related information with the Base3 such as indication lights, changing the Wi-Fi channel, frequency lists, and a lock-out code, click here.

Updated on September 12, 2023