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RTE Selection

Building a Route #

Building a Route allows you to control a group of Switches and Sub-Routes with one command. In the Base Details menu, you can set the rate at which the Switches and Sub-Routes in the Route will throw.

There are three key differences between LEGACY and TMCC Routes:

  1. LEGACY Routes can contain other Routes. These are called Sub-Routes.
  2. LEGACY Routes can throw Switches at a user adjustable rate.
  3. LEGACY Routes, while they are single digit ID# Routes by default, can be changed to be double digit ID# Routes if you wish. While double digit Routes make more Routes available, they are slower to throw, requiring 2 button presses. Single digit Routes allow for quick throw of Routes with one button press.

It is possible to add up to 16 Switches or Sub-Routes to a LEGACY Route. You can add any number of Switches or Sub-Routes but the total number of entries can not exceed 16. Sub-Routes can be used to enable a master Route to enable more than 16 Switches.

Example: RTE 1 contains 2 Sub-Routes Routes and 14 Switches for a total of 16.

Example: RTE 2 contains 4 Sub-Routes Routes and 12 Switches for a total of 16.

Example: RTE 3 contains 1 Sub-Route and 2 Switches for a total of 3.

Route Throw Rate #

You can customize the route throw rate using the Cab3 APP by navigating to the Base Details menu. This changes the time delay between when a switch is thrown or a sub-route is activated. The rate can be adjusted to anywhere from 0 seconds to 2 seconds. Use the + and – buttons to adjust to your liking. This setting will apply to all routes stored in the Base3 database.

Note! If you are using a Lionel SC-2, do not use a route throw rate below 1 second!

Cab3 RTE Throw Rate
Cab3 RTE Throw Rate
Updated on October 4, 2023