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SW Selection

SW is for switches. Use this command to throw your track switch machine’s direction. Compatible switch devices include command-equipped FasTrack switches, the LCS ASC2 Accessory Switch Controller, the LCS CSM2 with the Z-Stuff DZ-2500, TMCC ASC, TMCC SC-2, and more!

Programming a Switch #

This procedure demonstrates how to program a command-equipped FasTrack switch. For other types, see their respective manuals.

Note that most command-equipped switches are factory-programmed with SW ID #1.

With your Cab3 APP connected to your Base3, do the following to program a switch:

  1. Locate the programming push button on the switch track. Press and hold for 2 seconds until the light begins to blink.
  2. On the Cab3 APP, tap SW at the bottom of the screen to enter the switch control screen.
  3. Tap on SW a second time to select the SW TMCC ID you want to use. The example in the screenshots is ID #10.
  4. Tap “SET”. The switch will take the programming. The light on the switch will stop flashing.
    Cab3 SW Control Screen
  5. If desired, swipe up on the screen to enter a name and number for the switch. This information will be saved into the Base3’s database.
    Cab3 SW Configuration

Switch Control #

To control a command-equipped switch, press SW on the Cab3 APP and enter the SW TMCC ID# that switch was programmed to. Press AUX1 for through or straight. Press AUX2 for out.

Most types of command-equipped switches give you the option to change which direction is thru or out if you want to change it. See their respective manuals for more information.

Dynamic Switch Control #

The Cab3 APP allows you to quickly address switches. Tapping SW once enters the switch control screen. Enter the ID of the first switch you wish to throw. Press AUX1 or AUX2 to throw the switch. When you want to address a second switch, just enter the ID. You do not have to press SW again like you would with an ENG. This allows for faster switch addressing for total layout control.

You can also quickly cycle through switches saved to the Base3’s database. On the switch control screen, tap the arrows to the left/right of the switch image.

SW Roster #

Switch addresses can be saved into the Base3’s database if you assign a name and a number. The screenshot below shows examples of saved switches using both LCS modules and stand-alone FasTrack command switches.

When on the main SW screen, tap on “SW: XX” to enter the SW roster.

To select a SW to control, simply tap on the one desired. You can also tap and hold on a SW to quickly go to its configuration page to assign a name and a number.

Cab3 SW Roster
Cab3 SW Roster

Note! Simply programming a switch with a SW TMCC ID will not automatically save it to the database. A switch is saved to the Base3’s database only if you’ve assigned a name and a number.

Updated on November 28, 2023