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ENG Selection & Roster

Getting an engine up and running with the Cab3 APP is quick and easy!

Once the Cab3 is connected to the Base3, it’ll default to the home screen, as shown below:

Cab3 ENG homescreen

At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll notice 5 buttons that correspond to different product controls. 

  • ENG: Engine. This is for running locomotives.
  • TR: Train. This is used when building a train consisting of more than one locomotive or command-equipped freight or passenger cars.
  • RTE: Route. This is for setting up and initializing routes on your railroad.
  • SW: Switch. For controlling command-controlled track switches.
  • ACC: Accessory. This is used for most command-controlled accessories.

For this section, we’re going to focus on ENG.

Selecting an ENG #

Tap the ENG button to enter the engine selection menu as shown below.

Cab3 ENG Selection menu

This screen is used to either program an engine into the Base3 or to address an engine that has already had its ID set. The instructions below cover how to address a TMCC or Legacy locomotive. Click for Bluetooth LionChief or RF LionChief information.

To program an engine using a new ID number:

  1. Slide the locomotive’s RUN/PGM switch to PGM and then turn on track power.
  2. On the Cab3 APP in the ENG menu, enter the number you wish to assign the engine. In the image above, ID #6 was used. 
  3. Tap “SET” – the engine should make a sound or flash a light to indicate that it accepted programming. The APP will automatically return to the main control screen.
  4. Slide the engine’s RUN/PGM switch back to RUN.
  5. You’ve now assigned that number and are ready to run your engine!

To address an engine that has already had its ID set:

  1. With track power on, tap ENG on the Cab3 APP.
  2. Enter the TMCC ID number. 
  3. Hit enter. This will select that engine and automatically return to the main control screen.

The Cab3 APP is compatible with 4-Digit addressing locomotives. When you enter numbers past 2-digits, the number on the top left above the engine image will continue to increase. If you want to delete the number you’ve enter on accident, use the X backspace key below the 7 key.

The ENG screen also features start-up and shut-down buttons. This turns on or off the engine’s sound systems if so equipped with this feature.

For Legacy locomotives, tap the start-up or shut-down buttons for a short sequence. Tapping and holding those buttons will initialize an extended sequence that typically plays dialog.

Engine Roster #

As you add more of your locomotives to your Base3 and Cab3 APP, you’ll want to be able to easily select the engine you want to control, see the listing of all locomotives, and quickly be able to configure their setup.

This can all be done using the Cab3’s engine roster.

When connected to a Base3, there are two ways to enter the engine roster.

The first is from the main engine control screen. Tap on the box where the TMCC ID is, circled in yellow below.


The other method is to swipe up from the main screen to the engine configuration menu, and then tap “Locomotive Roster.” Circled in yellow below.

Cab3 ENG Config
Cab3 ENG Config

The Roster will display all locomotives (and other command-control products) that have been assigned a TMCC ID or 4-Digit address.

The Roster is stored in the Base3 with the exception of the locomotive’s image. That is stored on your smart device via the Cab3 APP.

Cab3 ENG Roster
Cab3 ENG Roster

Once in the Locomotive Roster, you can sort the list by TMCC ID number or alphabetically by the locomotive’s name. Just tap either TMCC ID or A-Z at the top.

Functions of the Roster are as follows:

  • Tap on a locomotive to take control of it. The APP will return to the main screen ready to run that locomotive
  • Tap and hold on a locomotive to go to that locomotive’s engine configuration menu
  • If changes have been made to the Base3’s database by another device, tap the “refresh” button at the bottom right to update the Locomotive Roster

The Roster will show a programmed engine’s image, type (such as diesel or steam), name, road number, and TMCC ID number.

If an image of a programmed engine is not available from Lionel’s online Bluetooth engine database, or if you haven’t taken a photo of the engine to use, then a default image will be displayed.

Recent Engines #

If your Base3 has many stored engines in its database, or you want to quickly switch between engines without having to use the Roster, the Cab3 APP gives you two different options.

Option 1: Recent Engine History #

Hold the ENG button for 3 seconds. This will open the Recent Engine History list. These are the last 5 individual IDs you’ve operated in this session. You can quickly choose between the engines you are operating using this list by tapping on the desired engine.

This list is erased each time you disconnect from the Base3 or close and reopen the Cab3 APP. Think of it like a run session where the list is built while you wake your engines up.

Since this is a recent history list, it only stores 5 of the last run engines. If you address a 6th engine, the oldest in the list will be dropped. You can still access that engine, but you must use the traditional ENG menu to do so.

Cab3 Recent Engines
Cab3 Recent Engines

Option 2: ENG Double-Tap #

The other way you can quickly switch between recent engines is to quickly double-tap the ENG button. This only works if you’ve addressed more than one engine during the current operating session. This allows you to quickly switch back and forth between the two most recently controlled engines.

This is limited to two engines. If you want to switch between more than the most recent two, use the method in the previous section or use the traditional ENG selection menu.

Updated on October 4, 2023