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Legacy PowerMasters

Note! PowerMasters do not provide power. They allow command control of AC power supplies for conventional engine control.

Standard Legacy PowerMaster

The standard Legacy PowerMaster (6-37146) provides superior AC track-voltage control for your command equipped layout. Use it with any CAB remote to remotely adjust track power from a Lionel PowerHouse or other external AC transformer. 

Run conventional engines and fine-tune your command-equipped locomotives, lighting and accessories with precision. The Legacy PowerMaster allows for 32, 120, or 200-speed step AC voltage control.
Lightning-fast over-current protection trips the PowerMaster’s internal breaker before those of the power transformer, safe-guarding your locomotive electronics and layout wiring. The PowerMaster lets you restore track power from your remote. Stop searching for tripped breakers hidden under your layout.

  • Works with all Lionel Command Remotes
  • Control conventional locomotives remotely; control speed, direction, whistle/horn, and bell
  • Vary track power to fine-tune lighting, accessories, and command-equipped engines
  • Remotely restore power after shorts
  • Controls up to 180 watts of external power
  • Receive commands wirelessly, no serial cable required
  • Use one LEGACY PowerMaster per track loop to operate conventional locomotives independently
  • Control one or more powered accessories as a group
  • Split your yard into separate power blocks with additional LEGACY PowerMasters

PowerMaster 360W

The upgraded Legacy PowerMaster 360W (6-82883) is the long awaited replacement for both the TPC300 and TPC400!

Each 360W PowerMaster includes a user settable switch to select 15 Amp or 20 Amp circuit protection. No additional cables are required for use with the Lionel 180W Powerhouse. The 360W PowerMaster includes the same features as the standard Legacy PowerMaster, but handles up to 20 Amps of power. Superior short circuit protection ensures reliable operation for all generations of Lionel products.


  • Works with all Lionel Command Remotes: Cab-1, Cab-1L, Cab-2, and Cab3 APP
  • Control conventional locomotives wirelessly; control speed, direction, horn/whistle and bell
  • Vary track power to fine-tune lighting, accessories, and command equipped locomotives
  • Wirelessly restore power after a derailment
  • Receives commands wirelessly (no serial cable required)
  • Use one Legacy 360W PowerMaster per track loop to operate conventional locomotives independently
  • Controls up to 360 Watts of external power (two 180W Powerhouses)
  • Compatible with all smooth sine wave transformers from all eras (with the addition of a 6-12893 Power Adapter Cable, sold separately)
  • Equipped with dual Powerhouse sockets (no additional Powerhouse cabling required)
PowerMaster Video

PowerMaster Adapter Cable (6-12893)

The Power Adapter Cable connects your transformer to a PowerMaster (6-24130) for operating LEGACY, TMCC and non-TMCC equipped locomotives.

PowerMaster Adapter Cable

Updated on October 3, 2023