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LCS System Cabling

LCS is a modular system. Pick and choose the components you need; add more as your layout grows. 

To connect LCS to your Base3, a PDI cable is required. These are available in different lengths; 1’ (6-81500), 3’ (6-81501), 10’ (6-81502) and 20’ (6-81503) lengths.

When you add a second and subsequent LCS device to your installation, you’ll need another LCS PDI cable. Each piece of LCS hardware is cabled to the next in a daisy-chain fashion, using these cables.


In the event that a PDI cable longer than 20′ is needed, a PDI Joiner board can be purchased through the Lionel Customer Service department. This board connects two PDI cables together. It also has a jack for plugging in an auxiliary booster power supply. This is not needed when using LCS with a Base3.

To purchase the Joiner PCB, click here.


Some systems may experience environmental noise that can prevent the SensorTracks from working correctly. To solve this, a jumper is connected to the last open PDI port in the chain. This jumper can be purchased here.

LCS PDI Jumper
LCS PDI Jumper
Updated on October 26, 2023