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Cab3 Base3 Mode

The left tab of the Cab3 APP is for one-to-one pairing of Bluetooth-equipped engines directly with the Cab3 APP. The right tab is for connecting the APP with the Base3 command system. This section talks about the interface with the Base3.

Those familiar with Lionel’s first command base smartphone APP, iCab, will find many similarities with the Base3 tab of the Cab3 APP. The homescreen shows the TMCC ID, engine name and road number, and many buttons for operating trains. The throttle on the right and the system halt button are similar to the Bluetooth side of the APP. 

To begin using the Base3 side of the APP, make sure your device’s Wi-Fi is connected to the Base3. For more information on how to connect the Wi-Fi, click here. Once connected, tap the “Connect” tab at the top right. The Wi-Fi symbol is red when not connected to a Base3. Once connected, it turns green. If the APP does not automatically establish a connection with the Base3, tap the Wi-Fi symbol to try to connect again.

Cab3’s Base3 Homescreen

Once connected to the Base3, the homescreen will appear as shown below.

Cab3 Main Screen Elements
  • A – Wi-Fi connection; red when not connected to a base and green when connected. Tap to reestablish connection
  • B – TMCC ID; Displays ID number of engine currently controlled. Tap to open Engine Roster
  • C – Engine name and number; Displays engine type/road number and number
  • D – Engine image; Displays generic image if no image assigned. Some Bluetooth-equipped engines will have image auto-populate. Tap to take your own picture of engine.
  • E – Speed Step Counter; Displays target speed step. 200 for Legacy, 32 for others. Double-tap to open big red knob.
  • F – Horn/Whistle and Bell slider; slide up for bell, down for horn/whistle. Quillable (Legacy engines) with how far up or down you slide.
  • G – Throttle slider; hold handle and slide to increase or decrease speed
  • H – Keypad; 0-9 default. Icons change depending on connected type.
  • I – Aux Buttons; Each with various functions. Refer to locomotive user manuals
  • J – Train Brake; Tap to open train brake slider
  • K – Direction; Forward and Reverse.
  • L- System Halt – stops all engines currently running on either the Base3 tab or the Bluetooth tab
Updated on August 29, 2023